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Mirka Farabegoli's artistic repertoire encompasses monumental drawings, graphics, photographic work, and installations, illuminating the concept of an Entremundos, an interstitial realm.

Their lifelong fascination with cultural influences on human behavior drives them to explore often-overlooked aspects of existence, transcending practical and rational tendencies. Drawing from the power of play and absurdity, Mirka critiques societal norms and structures, revealing underlying issues missed in daily life.

In today's fast-paced world, time is commodified, consumed in the pursuit of productivity. Mirka's art challenges this notion, offering alternative visions of time. Through projects like "Paradise/Desperate Times" and "Little Omens," they scrutinize societal norms, emphasizing the outsider's role as a catalyst for change.

Utilizing photography and hybrid techniques, Mirka captures moments beyond linear constraints, enriched by residencies in various countries. Their involvement in artist collectives and educational roles further solidifies their commitment to fostering alternative perspectives, challenging the pervasive influence of mainstream narratives.

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“I am intrigued by the possibilities of both analogue and modern (photographic) printmaking techniques, with a particular focus on various forms of etching/intaglio (both traditional and non-toxic) and cyanotype.

My fascination with printmaking datesback to my academy days, where I was captivated by the diversity ofpossibilities within the field, especially in the realm of etching. In myrecent graphic works, I combine various techniques, including photographicetching techniques, collage, and cyanotype, to create unique and layeredcompositions.”

As a specialist in intaglio techniques(such as etching and Toyobo), Mirka is affiliated with Plaatsmaken. For more information about workshops and my work, you are invited to visit Plaatsmaken.nl.

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